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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -1,5 +1,18 @@ # Zandra Linux +Zandra Linux is a Linux distro based on +[Morpheus Linux]( It aims to be simple, +small, and efficient. Zandra will hopefully get to a point where +it has a stable release cycle, with security patches of course. + +## Prerequisites + +* A x86\_64-linux-musl toolchain (GNU Binutils, GCC, linux-headers, + and musl-libc). Can be built using + [musl-cross-make]( +* mk from [9base]( or + [plan9port]( + ## Compiling To compile the base packages, edit then do the following: @@ -7,12 +20,18 @@ To compile the base packages, edit then do the following: export configmk=$(pwd)/ # in base directory export PATH="$CROSSPATH:$PATH" # add cross compiler to $PATH export mkbuild=$(pwd)/mkbuild # in base directory - cd ports && mk + mk init # initialize git submodules + mk Currently we are in the process of updating packages to their current versions (before Zandra they were last updated in 2015). Note that -most packages on there, with the exception of a few, are outdated and -the URLs may not even work. +most ports on the testing branch, with the exception of a few, are +outdated and the URLs may not even work. + +## Building Packages + +Go to the directory of the package you would like to package, then run +`mk package`. You can then host your own package mirrors. ## Installing @@ -23,3 +42,7 @@ You can install to a root using the following: A bootable image can be made using the "bootable" target. IT ASSUMES `/dev/loop0` IS FREE SO IF IT'S NOT, DON'T RUN THE SCRIPT!! + +If you would like to run Zandra on bare metal, it is recommended that +you recompile the kernel (or edit the kernel config before building) +with the drivers you need.+ \ No newline at end of file