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diff --git a/pages/donate.md b/pages/donate.md @@ -0,0 +1,19 @@ +# Donate + +If you'd like to help out the project, donating is only one of many +ways to do so, but it is important nonetheless. It shows support and +gratitude for the work done, and helps pay for things that would be +out of pocket. Donations are managed by Ben O'Neill, the lead +developer of Zandra Linux. They will be used for things such as server +bills and financing hardware for a development box that developers can +SSH into. They will not be used for anything unrelated to Zandra +development. You are not donating to the developers, you are donating +to the project. If you would like your donation to be reserved for a +specific thing, you can state that if the donation method has a note +option, or by emailing Ben afterwards with some sort of transaction +identifier. Questions or comments about donations can be sent to Ben +at [ben@benoneill.xyz](mailto:ben@benoneill.xyz). Thanks! + +## Cryptocurrency + + Bitcoin: bc1q6cym4uv44etgme4yku5y0cr3jr2j7q5n2cc2p0