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diff --git a/pages/index.md b/pages/index.md @@ -12,13 +12,14 @@ one thing and do it well". Pre-built images designed for virtual machines are [here](https://zandra.xyz/img). Packages lists are -[here](https://zandra.xyz/pkg). Git repo is +[here](https://zandra.xyz/pkg). Source code repositories are [here](https://git.zandra.xyz). ## Questions, Comments, and Suggestions You can write directly to the lead dev of Zandra at -[ben@zandra.xyz](mailto:ben@zandra.xyz). +[ben@zandra.xyz](mailto:ben@zandra.xyz) or use the IRC channel #zandra +on Freenode. ## Related Links diff --git a/teal.conf b/teal.conf @@ -4,4 +4,4 @@ TARGET=out TITLE="Zandra" DESCRIPTION="A minimal musl-based Linux distribution." SOURCES="index.md community.md faq.md" -EXTRA_PAGES="http://zandra.xyz/pkg,Packages http://zandra.xyz/img,Images" +EXTRA_PAGES="http://zandra.xyz/pkg,Packages http://zandra.xyz/img,Images http://git.zandra.xyz,Source"