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diff --git a/pages/faq.md b/pages/faq.md @@ -2,9 +2,17 @@ ## What is Zandra? -Zandra is a fully free (as in freedom), minimal, musl-based Linux -distribution. It is extremely powerful, but we won't be holding your -hand. +Zandra is an independent musl-based Linux distribution based on the +principles of simplicity and efficiency, and composed almost entirely +out of free software. It is a fork of morpheus linux. It uses Plan 9 +mkfiles to build packages, with both a ports tree and a binary package +manager. All binaries are statically linked. Every aspect of the +system tries to conform to the Unix philosophy of "do one thing and do +it well". Compact and easy-to-understand codebases are also heavily +prioritized. In order to stick to our philosophy in an elegant and +practical manner, software such as systemd, electron, and huge desktop +environments like GNOME and KDE are intentionally not supported in the +system, among others. ## Why use Zandra?