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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -1,3 +1,45 @@ # Zandra Installation Guide -TODO +## Prerequisites + +* GNU Binutils with target triplet +* GCC with target triplet +* mk (from [9base]( or + [plan9port]( +* [pkgtools]( + +## Building the base packages + +First, it is necessary to configure the build system. To do so, create a +`` by copying `` and edit it. You can change the target +architecture, compile flags, and more here. Also, check to make sure +`$TOOLCHAIN_TRIPLET` matches your toolchain's naming format. + +After this, you can begin the build process: + +``` +# required definitions for mkbuild +export configmk=$(pwd)/ # in zandra base directory +export mkbuild=$(pwd)/mkbuild # in zandra base directory + +# add cross compiler to $PATH (replace /opt/cross/bin if installed somewhere else) +# also make sure your pkgtools installation is in $PATH +export PATH="/opt/cross/bin:$PATH" + +mk init # initialize git submodules +mk # build base packages +``` + +## Installing the packages to a root directory + +``` +export ROOT="rootdir" # replace with desired path (an existing directory) +mk install +``` + +## Making a bootable image + +If you would like to create an image complete with a bootloader to use in a VM +or put on a USB drive, make sure `/dev/loop0` is not being used on your host +system, and then run `ROOT="rootdir" mk bootable`, replacing "rootdir" with a +path to the root directory used previously.